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Password Setup For New Accounts

In response to a new wave of security sensitive email users, a new password setup interface has been added for new web hosting accounts and current customers that at times may request a password reset.

As of now, welcome emails sent to new registered users will have special instructions on how to set up your account passwords on tyour own.

password cp 2
email link

From the link, new customers will be taken to a secure page where you can set up your new account password:

Password setup interface login page
Password setup

After typing in both password fields (and following the password strength tips), you will be able to login to your hosting account immediately. The password you use in this form will also be the same password to use for your initial FTP account (which is automatically set up at signup).

For current customers that need a password reset:

password setup reset1

In cases of password changes for current customers, you will be sent an email notification which will forward you to the same password setup form above. After filling out the form, you will be instantly logged into your control panel with the new password.

Note: Since the account password will not be readily available to the user in a written email form anymore, it is recommended to instantly save your passwords in a password management tool (or just remember it in your head).

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